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  • With a meet-and-greet beforehand, you and your dog can make sure you both like us and we can get a chance to find out about them, Then, we can give your dog the care and attention they need.

  • We believe one person should not walk more than 4 dogs at a time, so we only walk dogs individually or in small groups. Our walkers can put dogs together based on their needs and personalities.

  • We also have a live webcam feed so u can join in on the dogwalks and see how your dog is getting on.

  • With us based in the West London area we offer your best friends a varied and adventurous walk in some of the best parks with Richmond, Bushy and  Windsor as some of our favourite destinations.

  • Our walkers are equipped with high quality cameras to capture action shots that we can send you to add to your album collection.

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